Tale of the Taper

1 Tip lengths, which typically vary from 4 to 12 inches, were not included in the table. The relative power of the front end of the line - its ability to turn over larger flies - is a function of not only the length of the front taper, but also the line's tip diameter (and thus mass). Within the SA lines, for instance, the WindMaster's front end is the most powerful (i.e., best suited to turning over bulky flies), the two Ultra 3 lines are intermediate, and the Mastery Saltwater and Bonefish lines' front ends are least powerful (i.e., more suited to presenting moderate-sized flies).
2 The overall head length is indicative of the casting range the line will work best in - generally, a longer head is designed for aerializing and casting greater line lengths.
3 The RIO Saltwater Line has a compound taper consisting of a 4.7-foot bullet taper, a 19-foot body, a 7-foot (larger diameter) rear body, a 4-foot rear taper and 64.5 feet of running line.