Advanced Transducers for Fishing

Advanced sonar technology demands rethinking transducer requirements.

TransducersFile Photo

Sonar Curtain: This rendering ­illustrates the relative difference in coverage between the curtain of side-looking high-res sonar, and the bottom coverage delivered by down-looking high-res.

RaymarineCourtesy Raymarine

Raymarine’s proprietary transducer for the new Dragonfly incorporates both conventional-view CHIRP sonar and ­high-res DownVision in the same housing.

LowranceCourtesy Lowrance

Add a 'Ducer: The Lowrance HD2745 transducer enables side-looking ­StructureScan.

HumminbirdCourtesy Humminbird

Humminbird’s Deployable Transducer for 360 Imaging.

HumminbirdCourtesy Humminbird

All Arounder: With the transom-mounted Transducer Deployment System from Humminbird, the transducer is lowered beneath the keel, to sweep a circle around the boat for a high-res view in all directions.