Topwater Trailer for Red Drum


Topwater fishing for redfish can be exciting, but because redfish have inferior mouth (i.e., the upper jaw protrudes beyond the lower jaw), they often have a hard time getting a surface lure in their mouth. In order to increase hook-ups, I use the old striper-fishing trick and tie on a trailer. An unweighted streamer fly fished about 18 inches behind a popping bug or topwater lure won’t affect the other lure’s action. I take a piece of mono lighter than the main line and tie it directly to the bend of the hook of the popper or to the back hook of a plug with an improved clinch knot. Fish the rig just like you would fish it without the trailer. The unweighted streamer will only sink a little below the surface, so the strikes are still visible. The trailer should draw more strikes than the lead lure, though the popper or plug will still get hit, too.

– Carter Nelson, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


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