Top 7 Pompano Lures

Here are the top lures to tempt pompano.

Small in stature yet scrappy, Florida pompano are a worthy adversary for both boat and shore-based light-tackle anglers in the Gulf and Atlantic. These members of the jack family love crustaceans and feed by sight. When they finally do surrender, they are a perfect complement to the grill or baking dish. Sand fleas are the favorite live bait, but pompano will readily pounce on lures too. Here are the top fakes to tempt them:

Bomber Nylures

These chrome-plated egg-head jigs with short-shanks and nylon skirts are great for bouncing just beyond the surf line or across sand bars where pompano like to lurk. Short hops off the bottom create puffs of sand, which the fish think are burrowing sand fleas. Pink or chartreuse are the favorite color patterns.Courtesy Bomber

Bucktail Jigs

The real McCoy works well too. One-quarter ounce bucktail jigs like those made by Hookup Lures for bonefish are equally effective for pompano. Fish them the same way as the nylon versions with short twitches of the rod to impart a hopping action.Courtesy Hookup Lures

Berkley Gulp!

This life-like creation looks, smells and tastes like the real thing. Hook on a small plain lead jig head and soak in the strike zone.Courtesy Berkley

DOA Shrimp

Although the original 3-inch version has accounted for countless pompano, the new 2.75 DOA shrimp with its flattened belly weight sinks faster and sits upright when it settles. Near clear, gold glitter and new penny colors will all attract attention.Courtesy DOA

Doc’s Original Goofy Jig

Long a Florida Cracker favorite, this banana-shaped jig with the weighted shank casts easily and offers a tantalizing wiggle with short twitches of the rod tip.Courtesy Doc’s Goofy Jigs

Soft-plastic shad tails

Pompano are opportunistic and they won't turn down a small minnow if it gets in the way. Small 3- to 4-inch soft-plastic shad tails in natural patterns pinned on a light jig head can be deadly, especially with schooling fish competing for food. Saltwater Bass Assassin, DOA CAL, or Bass Pro Shops shad tails will do the trick.Courtesy DOA

Pompano Flies

Pompano are great targets for buggy-whip enthusiasts, especially when walking and sight-casting along the beach. Sand flea imitations, small shrimp patterns like Cook’s Critters or Puglisi Ghost Shrimp that sink fast are tops. Natural tans and browns are ideal. A small bit of orange craft fur near the rear of the fly will mimic the egg sacks of real sand fleas.Salt Water Sportsman