The Three-Way Rig


|||| |---|---|---| | ¿| Every fisherman should know how to build a three-way rig. It's great for presenting a live or dead bait to bottom-holding game fish, and is particularly useful when fishing around wrecks, reefs and rocky bottom where snags are common. To prevent the loss of the entire rig should the sinker become caught on the bottom, simply use a section of light line (i.e., lighter than the main line or leader) to connect the sinker to the three-way swivel. The three-way rig can be fished while drifting, slow-trolling or at anchor. To fish it, let out line until the bank sinker hits bottom, then reel in any slack. You can then leave the reel in gear or with the clicker on, or use your thumb to keep line from flowing off the spool. Be ready to reel in or let out line as the depth changes to keep the sinker tapping bottom.