The Teaser Rig


|||| |---|---|---| | Cut one "leg" of dropper loop and tie on teaser| When game fish are feeding selectively on small bait, it can be hard to draw strikes on anything that doesn't resemble the prevailing forage. In this case, pros often score by attaching a small "teaser" fly, jig, soft-plastic bait or other lure ahead of a larger, heavier spoon, jig or plug. The system has several advantages. One, the small lure can precisely imitate the size and shape of the natural bait. Two, the larger lure provides weight for casting distance and keeps the rig below the surface. Three, the rig presents the illusion of a medium-sized baitfish chasing an even smaller baitfish, which may draw attention to the rig or trigger a competitive feeding instinct in the game fish. Whatever the case, always keep some small flies or lures on hand for those times when small baitfish are the meal du jour.* Note, for detailed instructions on how to tie a dropper loop, check out the Animated Knot Series by cliking here.