Reader Tips: Stow Your Lure

Best of all, I didn't have to use any adhesive or drill any holes in my boat...


The more time your bait or jig spends in the water, the better! I am a mobile angler, meaning that I like to move from spot to spot quite often. This lets me cover a lot of water and find the fish. That being the case, I used to have to deal with my baits, lures and sharp hooks bouncing around, risking damage to my boat or, worse, me! The only other option was to de-rig before running to a new spot and then re-rig once I got to the next one, which takes away valuable fishing time. To get the best of both worlds, I started using an inexpensive cup holder that can be mounted to most surfaces with a suction cup. Instead of using it for a beverage, I stick in on the inside of my boat, close to a rod holder. When I move to a new spot, all I have to do is put my rod in the holder and my lure or the heavy part of my rig inside the cup holder. It works perfectly, allows me more fi shing time and doesn’t put me in harm’s way when traveling to a new spot. Best of all, I didn’t have to use any adhesive or drill any holes in my boat.

Andrew T. Scanlon
East Brunswick, New Jersey


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