Reader Tips: Spool Box

A new way to store your spools...


I came up with a simple way to store bulk spools of fishing line, and best of all, my storage unit also works as a line spooler. More than likely, you'll find both the materials you need, a shoe box and a sturdy plastic coat hanger, in the same closet. Measuring from the bottom, mark a spot on each end of a shoe box that lines up with the holes in the line spools. Make sure the spots are level, then with a small knife, cut holes slightly smaller than the bar on the hanger you intend to use. Cut the long bottom piece off the coat hanger. It helps to leave a bit of the bend at one end of the hanger bar. This acts as a stop to prevent the bar from sliding all the way through the hole in the shoe box. Push the hanger bar through one end of the shoe box, through the line spools and out the other end of the box. Cut a slit in the edge of the box to tuck the end of the line into to keep it in place when you store the spools.

Nathan Gamble
Ellsworth Air Force Base,  South Dakota