Reader Tips: Cheap Squid Jig

I hated to use an expensive diamond jig for a weight...


I like to use plastic squid when I'm jigging in deep water for bottom dwellers. In the past, I used diamond jigs on the inside of the plastic squid to get it down to the bottom. This was effective, but I hated to use an expensive diamond jig for a weight. After giving my dilemma a little thought, I figured out a way spend a lot less money and still get the same result. Instead of inserting the high-priced diamond jig inside the plastic squid, I now use a 5- to 8-ounce in-line trolling cigar weight. I use vegetable oil to lubricate the weight, pull back the legs of the squid and put a rubber band loosely around them to keep them out of the way, and then I slide the weight inside. The eye of the weight, to which I attach a split ring and an assist hook, protrudes from the squid.

Randy Alkins
Warrington, Pennsylvania