The Offshore Swivel Knot


Blue-water anglers often use the offshore swivel knot to secure their swivel to the end of the main line. In conjunction with a knot that doubles the main line, such as a Bimini twist or spider hitch, the offshore swivel knot is a very strong connection – worthy of the sturdy ball-bearing swivel often used in such applications. The knot may also be used in lighter-tackle situations, such as tying on a hook or the split ring of a lure. The offshore swivel knot allows the angler to benefit truly from the added security of the doubled line, because the knot will hold fast even if one leg of the doubled line parts under the strain of the fight.

Step 1 Form a section of double line using a Bimini twist or spider hitch and insert the loop through one eye of the swivel.|

Step 2 Bring the loop back and pinch its peak to the standing part of the doubled line.|


Step 3 Pass the swivel through both loops.| |

Step 4 Repeat Step 3 six or seven more times.| |

Step 5 Grasp the opposite eye or snap of the swivel with pliers and begin tightening the knot by pulling on both standing parts of the doubled line with even tension. Moisten the line with saliva to ease the process. As the knot begins to tighten, you may want to push the wraps of the knot against the swivel with your fingers.|


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