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Follow these six simple steps and learn how to throw a castnet like a pro.

September 21, 2007

Have a castnet that’s collecting more dust than bait? No doubt, selecting and mastering a castnetting technique that works for you can be tricky, but the benefits of learning how to throw one properly are well worth the effort. While methods of deployment tend to vary, here’s one that is sure to have you filling the bait well in no time. If opportunities for practicing on the water are scarce, there’s no shame in throwing your net on the lawn.

Throw a Castnet in 6 Steps

STEP 1. With the loop at the end of the throwline secured to your wrist, gather the line in loose coils. Grasp the coils and the top of the net in your left hand. Then grab all the mesh of the net at crotch height in your right hand.


STEP 2. Transfer the gathered net from your right to left hand. Reaching toward the lead line where the weights are attached, gather the net in your right hand until about half of the mesh is collected.

STEP 3. Once you’re holding half of the net in your right hand, roll that gathered portion over your left thumb, allowing it to rest on the top of the net still being held in your left hand.

STEP 4. With the net divided in half, grab the lead line at the point where the halves meet and hold it between your lips. Now secure the lead line with the little finger on your right hand. once secured, reach over and grab the portion of the net resting on your left hand with your right hand.


STEP 5. Make a left-to-right twisting motion with your body to begin the throw. Then extend your arms and quickly and smoothly reverse the direction of the twist.

STEP 6. The release is similar to throwing a Frisbee. Open your mouth on the toss and throw the net up and out at about a 45-degree angle to be sure it spreads open fully.

Illustrations: Jameson Simpson


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