Tackle Turf


I fish from a small center console, where space is often at a premium. The top of the console usually is used as a tackle station, and by the end of the day has accumulated an array of leaders, lures and other tackle items. I have found that by covering the top of the console with a piece of artificial turf, hooks and lures engage the turf, and tools left on the console seem to stay in place except in very rough water. Although the turf may have a "hillbilly" appearance, it is quite functional, being non-glare, weatherproof, and easy to remove. It offers the added benefit of protecting the console gelcoat from tools and knives. It's easy to cut to fit around the instruments, simple to install and remove, and was inexpensive (mine was a scrap from an indoor baseball practice field).

- Eric Drumm, Knoxville, Tennessee