FLIR M364C Thermal-Imaging Camera System

FLIR delivers color thermal imaging, with the M364C

The ability to see in color enhances your situational awareness, and the FLIR M364C makes it possible to ID those buoys as green or red even in complete darkness. And you can do it from quite a distance too thanks to an eye-popping 30x optical zoom. That image will stay in focus due to the camera’s gyrostabilization, and regardless of lighting conditions, it will provide better views than the marine binoculars sitting at your helm right now. The M364C integrates seamlessly with most MFDs from Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin and Simrad.

FLIR M364C Thermal-imaging Camera System
FLIR M364C Thermal-imaging Camera System Courtesy FLIR

Price: $20,495



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