Mercury Introduces New 600HP Verado

Mercury’s V12 Verado uses many groundbreaking innovations to pump out a lot of power.
Quad Mercury 600hp Verado outboards on the back of a boat
Mercury’s new 600hp Verado is the perfect choice for powering many of today’s big fishing machines. Courtesy Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine, renowned for its perennial quest for innovation, edges ahead of the competition, adding a bigger, faster and more powerful outboard to its heralded Verado family.

Introduced on February 11, the hot, new Verado is a 7.6‑liter, V12 motor boasting a whopping 600hp, expected to deliver a formidable combination of power and speed, as well as several industry‑first features for a wide range of applications.

“With boats continuing to grow bigger, and performance expectations continuing to rise, boaters have been asking for a better, more capable high‑horsepower solution to meet their needs,” said Chris Drees, Mercury Marine president. “The V12 Verado is Mercury’s answer.”


The latest and largest Verado is the world’s first V12 outboard. It incorporates a naturally aspirated, large‑displacement, quad‑cam powerhead that generates impressive torque to get heavy boats out of the hole and up on plane quickly, and swiftly accelerate up to rated speed.

The new engine’s features, which comprise several groundbreaking innovations, include:

Mercury Marine V12 steerable gearcase at an angle
The steerable gearcase in the new Verado means greater maneuverability and more space for multi engine configurations. Courtesy Mercury Marine

Two‑speed automatic transmission, the industry’s first for an outboard, optimizing engine rpm according to workload, facilitating acceleration, improving fuel efficiency and overall performance.


Steerable Gearcase, also a first on an outboard, allows the lower unit (gearcase) to pivot underwater while the motor’s powerhead remains in a fixed position. This provides more room for multi‑engine configurations, and a wider steering angle for greater maneuverability and better handling.

Contra‑rotating Propellers afford a better “bite” in the water, especially important for docking and close‑quarters situations.

Advanced Hydrodynamics minimize resistance and drag, enhancing stability at high speeds, and maximizing fuel efficiency.


150 Amp Alternator supplies additional power to quickly charge onboard batteries and provide intelligent support to the boat’s electrical system, ensuring enough power remains in store for any amenities the crew brings on board.

Maintenance Remains Simple, despite the numerous technological advances on the new Verado. A cowl hood provides easy access for regular service without having the take the boat out of the water.

Mercury Marine's V12 Verado in profile
The V12 Verado will be available in black and three shades of white to best match your hull color. Courtesy Mercury Marine

Several enhanced Mercury technologies work in conjunction to enable the 600hp Verado to deliver exceptional fuel economy and range. “The V12 Verado is incredibly fuel efficient, so boaters can go farther and stay out longer. It’s also durable, reliable and easy to maintain. And it’s so smooth and quiet that you can have a conversation while the engines are running,” Drees added.


Available in spring 2021, the Mercury V12 Verado will come in phantom black, and three different shades of white to best match a boat’s hull color: warm fusion white, cold fusion white, and pearl fusion white.

See the V12 Verado product‑launch video on the Mercury Marine Facebook page, or visit for more information on the new motor’s features and benefits.