Stick-On Lure Boxes


I needed a place to keep a few favorite lures, but my center console doesn"¿t have a built-in tackle center or a handy place to install drawers. My father came up with this solution: He bought a rubber bathmat with rows of tiny suction cups to help it stick to the floor of the tub. He cut pieces out of the mat to match the footprint of plastic tackle trays. Then he pop-riveted the pieces of mat to the bottoms of the boxes, giving them a suction-cup-covered surface to stick to any smooth, wet surface ¿¿ on the console, gunwale or casting deck. It stays put when conditions get rough, keeping my lures from getting snarled together. At the end of the day, the boxes can be removed and stowed in a lockable compartment.

- Zack Thomas, Del Mar, California