Spread 'Em!


To improve the width of the trolling spread on my small center console, I fashioned outward-angled rod holders to mount in the vertical rod holders on the sides of my console. I made the rod holders out of 1 1/4" diameter PVC pipe: three 18" pieces of pipe, one 3" piece of PVC and one that must be cut to fit, one tee-fitting, one 90-degree elbow, one 45-degree elbow and some PVC adhesive. Two of the 18" pieces form the two legs that fit into two of the vertical rod holders and fit into the lower ends of the 90-degree elbow and the tee-fitting. The third 18" length of PVC mounts in the upper end of the 45-degree elbow and holds the butt of the rod at the angle. The 3" piece of PVC connects the upper end of the tee-fitting to the 45-dgree elbow. The cut-to-fit length of the pipe connects the 90-degree elbow to the tee-fitting and its length is determined by the distance between the rod holders. I recommend dry-assembly of the whole PVC rod holder before gluing the parts together with the adhesive. When the PVC rod holder is glued together and has cured, place a rod in the top pipe and start trolling. The new holder adds almost a rod-length to my trolling-spread width on each side and helps me cover more water.

- Brandon Pashley,
Jacksonville, Florida