Shimano Orca Big-Game Poppers

See a new addition to this proven topwater lure series

Shimano Orca big-game poppers
The “bubble chamber” allows for easier popping action.Courtesy Shimano

Fish count on sight and sound to zero in on prey, and Shimano’s Orca big-game poppers are designed for maximum appeal to both those senses. A new 90 mm size has been added to the popular series of topwater lures, and it features the proprietary “bubble chamber” open-mouth design — based on jet-engine physics — that creates a visible bubble trail and makes it easier to achieve the desired popping action than with conventional poppers. The new 90 mm Orca big-game popper joins the 120 and 150 mm sizes, and is available in seven color schemes.

Price: $19.99

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