Salt Water Sportsman Helps Bring Tide Charts to Cell Phones

Salt Water Sportsman has sponsored Salt Water Tides, a national tide-report service available through Verizon Wireless, Get It Now-enabled cell phones that will provide Tide Reports, Tide Graphs and Tide Alerts. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides all tide data and powers the service. Salt Water Tides accesses data from NOAA servers and uses software based on NOAA algorithms to generate tide-prediction graphics for thousands of locations around the U.S. Users can instantaneously receive a tide report listing high and low tides, sunrise, sunset, moon phases and full-color tide graphs that show tide heights. Plus, subscribers can set a tide alert to ring the phone at a particular tide level or time. To sample Salt Water Tides, access a free demo on Verizon Wireless LGVX6000, LGVX4400, Motorola T730 and T720 handsets by first selecting the "Get It Now" shopping cart, then under "get GOING," select Salt Water