Replacement Downrigger Clips


We use downrigger release clips produced by major manufacturers, but sometimes, when we need a spare or replacement, we use one of these homemade rigs. The ingredients are a wooden, spring clothespin, 100 lb. monofilament line and a snap swivel. Run the mono through the spring on the clothespin and crimp it. Crimp the other end of the mono to a snap swivel and you're ready to go. They work well "in a pinch" and even offer adjustable tension: Clip the line between the jaws for the least amount of tension, or place the line in the hole of the jaws (where the clothesline would ordinarily sit) for the most tension. As with commercially made release clips, we make six or seven overhand wraps on the line before placing it in the clip.

—Capt. Bo Braxton, Panama City, Florida