Q&A: Presidential Candidates Weigh In on Recreational Fishing

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney answer questions that impact anglers

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KeepAmericaFishing, the American Sportfishing Association's angler advocacy campaign, recently posed questions to both presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, regarding management of our nation’s fisheries and access to recreational fishing.

This us a rare opportunity to compare how each of the candidates would approach recreational fishing and the use of public lands for recreational activities.

A side-by-side comparison of how the presidential candidates plan to address fisheries conservation and angler access to public waters at KeepAmericaFishing.org/youdecide.

KeepAmericaFishing encourages anglers to review the responses and on Election Day vote for the candidate they believe will best advance the nation and the model of conservation that perpetuateshealthy fishery resources and access to those public resources.

The 60 million anglers in the U.S. represent a huge voting block that can significantly impact the 2012 presidential election. It is vital to the future of sportfishing that anglers use their vote as a voice.