Potential Record Halibut Landed in Norway

A German angler brought the 513-pound monster to the dock late last week.

record halibut

record halibut

German angler Marco Liebenow landed an Atlantic halibut late last week in the waters off Norway that may very well shatter the existing IGFA world record, according to UK site DailyMail.com. The 513-pound fish would easily beat the existing record on the books of 418 pounds, set in 2004 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

According to the story, the fish was brought to the side of Liebenow’s small boat after a 90-minute fight, where the crew determined that is was too dangerous to bring aboard, so they proceeded to tail-rope it and tow it back to the dock to be weighed on a certified scale.

Liebenow has reportedly submitted paperwork to the IGFA and is awaiting confirmation of the fish’s record status.