Pitch-Bait Quick Release System

This simple system speeds up bait delivery and prevents tangles.
  1. Furl the leader into coils larger than the diameter of the reel, leaving enough free at the end to keep the pitch bait in a bucket or cooler.
  2. Stretch a rubber band around the reel side plate. Pull the rubber band through the top of the coils, then over to catch behind the harness lug.
Pitch-Bait System for Fishing
Coiled leader stays secure and tangle-free until deployment. Steve Sanford
  1. The leader now remains neatly coiled in place, with the rigged bait at arm’s length, ready for deployment.
  2. When a fish shows up, lift the coils, popping the rubber band off the lug as you toss the pitch bait for a fast and easy delivery.