In a Pinch


|| |---| || |Illustration: Ed Luterio| I attached a homemade rod-mounted release clip to my spinning outfit. I took a one-inch-wide, five-inch-long piece of pallet binding strap and folded it around the rod, above the grip. Next, I drilled a 3¿¿16-inch hole through the strap and glued a piece of felt cloth on the inside. I fasten the strap with a one-inch-long bolt, a star washer and a wing nut. After a cast, I leave the bail open and insert the line into the strap, tightening the wing nut enough so the current won't pull the line out. On a strike, my line pops out of the strap. When the fish eats, I flip the bail and set the hook.
James D. Baldanzi, San Jose, California