Most Permit angling, flyrodding or spinfishing, is either done from a flats skiff or by wading. When a fish is spotted, try to keep at a distance, allowing just enough for the cast. Drop the bait or fly well ahead of the fish.

If by some major miracle, the Permit picks up the fly, strike just as soon as you feel the take. If the fish feels hooked, it's just an aberration because it isn't hooked at all! Strike the fish a second time, reel the rod-tip back down, and strike again. Some anglers hit a Permit six times in their effort to sink the hook into it's tough mouth.

When the Permit screams for deeper water, and they generally do, you'll have to try guiding the line around every obstacle between you and it. Coral, sea fans, old mangrove stumps, you name it, will get in the way. Guaranteed! If, by some odd stroke of luck, the fish is still on after it reaches deeper water, always keep a bend in the rod. Slack line may end the battle in a heartbeat.

With that said, we'll offer one last bit of advice-- Good luck!