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Costa Rica Paradise: Offshore and Inshore Fishing on the Osa Peninsula

I just got back from a few days of fishing down off Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. There’s a pretty incredible playground for outdoorsy families there, especially for ones who love to fish. Want to catch your kid her first sailfish? His first rooster? This is the place to go.

The resort we stayed at caters to families who love the idea of sleeping in the rainforest. Costa Ricans understand the value of their wildlife. One morning on the way to breakfast I saw a Jesus lizard run across the infinity pool, which looks out into a jungle instead of over the water. We saw grass frogs, sloths, and coatis, flocks of parrots, forest falcons, and jungle fowls the size of wild turkeys.

My family on this trip, though, was a bunch of YouTube kids. We took them out there to explore the fishing for you. Some of them took the kayaks out, others stayed on Crocodile Bay’s fleet of Strikes and Boston Whalers. We even tried fishing from the beaches, jumpy as we were about the crocs. You can watch their videos below, or just check out SWS Adventures on YouTube.

This was my second time visiting the Botanika, which is one of the Hilton’s “Curio Collection” of properties. It’s a unique place, and we’re fortunate to be going back again this fall. If you’d like to go on that adventure, we’ve got a few spots left open on this trip. The dates fall just after Thanksgiving, November 28 to Dec 4, when the mahi bite should be particularly hot.

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Ryan Morie
Ryan Morie is a full-time content creator based out of southeast Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida, Ryan served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. During his time on active duty he was able to document some outstanding fisheries near the bases on which he served. He now creates a wide variety of fishing content that documents both local and international adventures.


Elias Vaisberg (EliasVFishing)
Elias Vaisberg started kayak fishing for striped bass in the northeast about 15 years ago. He spent years guiding and fishing in New York waters, launched a line of fishing lures, and now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he shoots content from the surf and inshore waters.


John McLean (Big John Shark Fishing)
John McLean, known to most people as “Big John” because of his tall stature, is a former professional hockey player. At 6’9”, he was the tallest professional hockey goalie to ever play the position. He played his last year of professional hockey in Florida in 2017, when he was forced to retire due to injuries. After retirement he founded a guide service, Big John Shark Fishing Adventures. He is very active in shark conservation and tagging sharks through NOAA’s Apex Predator Program.

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