Wound Up wins Bermuda Billfish Blast

Team scores big with four blue marlin releases on final day
wound up

wound up

The Bermuda Billfish Blast teams once again headed offshore on Day Three of the 7th Annual Bermuda Billfish Blast to enjoy another gorgeous day of calm deep blue water, and a chance for a portion of the record $300,500 cash purse.

Local Bermuda business man and avid blue water angler Jonathan Reiss sure called it right in his Bermuda fishing report when he stated “any of the 44 boats can still take this thing if they get hot on the final day”. We have seen this before in Bermuda where one team has every bite stick, and sure enough that is exactly what happened. Capt. James Robinson and his team on Wound Up put on a show catching four quality blue marlin after having two slow days with just a few billfish close encounters and one wahoo in the box.

On the final day it was the tournament leader Sea’duce that threatened to open up a gap when they hooked-up at 8:54 am, but things came unstuck after more than 20 minutes of battle. Nobody on the leader board felt threatened when Wound Up hooked-up at 9:31 am and then released a blue marlin at 9:40 am. Then Sea Toy released a blue marlin at 10:29 am, which put them into the tournament lead with 1,200 points. Wound Up then struck again with another blue marlin at 11:00 am. This second blue was estimated to be in the 600 lb class and it catapulted them into 3rd Place overall and established a firm grip on the Day Three Jackpots. But Capt. James Robinson and angler Michael Medeiros were not finished yet as they came tight again at 11:37 am on another decent blue. Another successful release at 11:48 am moved Wound Up from zero points to being the new tournament leader with 1500-pts.


Weez in the Keys was the only other team to release a blue marlin in the morning. However, the white bite continued with morning white marlin releases for Mattanza, Que Mas, Mojo, Notorious, Cookie Monster, Double B, Reel Addiction, Off Piste and Reel Estate.

In the afternoon, there were blue marlin releases for Never Enough, Off Piste, Click Through and Queen of Hearts, two white marlin releases for Weez in the Keys and single white marlin releases for Mako, Margin Call” and Great Escape.

While the team on Wound Up searched for that fourth billfish that would surely secure total victory, a battle ensued to catch-up and/or secure 2nd or 3rd place. Shortly before 2:30 pm, both Rameseas and Sea’duce hooked-up. Rameseas released a blue marlin at 2:38 pm which gave them 1,200 points and moved the team into 3rd Place. This kicked Sea’duce into fourth, but not for long because they released their blue marlin at 2:57 pm, which moved them up to 1,500 points and into 2nd Place, behind Wound Up on time.


The outcome of the tournament was finally put to bed when Wound Up hooked up again at 3:27 pm. This was a really big blue marlin, but with the highly experienced Capt. James Robinson at the helm they secured the release within 20 minutes. At 3:46 pm they released their fourth blue marlin of the day and this fish looked to be in the 700 lb class! Wound Up was the 6th boat to enjoy the lead in this tournament, but with under an hour to go it was the first time in the tournament that any team had established a 500 point lead.

A very special feat was also achieved by team Mojo. As already noted, Michael Batista and team scored a white marlin release in the morning. They then released a spearfish at 1:40 pm, and were working on a rare slam. They did not have to wait long for their chance – less then 20 minutes after releasing the spearfish, angler Geoffrey Redmond, 2005 World Cup wining angler, was hooked-up to a blue marlin and after a thirty five-minute battle the release came at 2:33 pm. This is the first single day slam ever recorded by any team fishing in the Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship. Interestingly team Never Enough also achieved a slam in this tournament, over the three days of fishing. Nicely done to both teams.

In the Junior Angler Division Jake Robinson on Callie Girl scored a blue marlin release on the first day to win the trophy and prizes. Congratulations to Jake, Captain Tom Ross and the Robinson family.


In the Lady Angler Division Alex Adolph on Mako scored two of their four white marlin releases to take the win and earn the trophy and prizes. Congratulations to Alex, Captain Allen DeSilva and the Gothier family.

The Day One Billfish Release Jackpots went to Fish On with owner angler Rob Kathary’s blue marlin release on time. Fish on wins $36,416.66. Congratulations to Rob, Capt. Elliot Cline and mate Parker Stephan for catching the right one early in the day to secure the daily.

The Day Two Billfish Release Jackpots went to The Boomer and owner angler Bill Gardner. Teammates Jason Schladwelen and Sam Shadoin scored a white and a blue to win the day and earn $36,416.67. Congratulations to Bill, Capt. Scott Mantz and mates Troy Shedos and Jason Walcott.


Wound Up’s final day heroics of four blue marlin releases earned them 2000-points, Fist Place team honors, Day Three Billfish Release Jackpots and First Place Marlin Jackpots totaling 135,341.67. Angler Michael Medeiros earned the Top Angler award and prizes as he caught all four fish on the final day to win the coveted trophy and prizes. Wound Up now becomes the first ever repeat champion of the Bermuda Billfish Blast – Capt. James also won the 2009 Blast (as well as the 2009 World Cup). It’s the second consecutive Triple Crown tournament that Wound Up has taken the glory in the final day. In the 2010 Sea Horse tournament, Wound Up won most of the cash awards with the largest fish caught in last years series, an 858 lb blue marlin on the final day. So, this is one RED HOT boat and captain. Congratulations to Capt. James Robinson, mate Brian Querry, anglers Michael Medeiros and the rest of the team aboard Wound Up.

Another red hot boat is Sea’duce. They won the 2010 Sea Horse and finished 2nd overall in this years Blast. If it hadn’t been for Capt. Robinson they would have been the first boat to ever win back-to-back Triple Crown tournaments. Their three blue marlin releases earned them 1500 points, Second Place Team and Second Place Marlin Jackpot to win $58,035. Captain Eric Soderholm has certainly made his presence known during the past four Triple Crown series tournaments he has fished in Bermuda. Nicely done Eric and the team including mate Chris Weeks and anglers Bill Pullman, Alex Adler, Kirk Weisman and Vincent Cerrone.

Captain Bull Tulson, mate DJ DiJarntte and anglers Tommy Fowler, Robert Kitchens, Greg Steen on the Sea Toy earned 1200-point from two blues and a white release taking 3rd Place Team and Marlin Jackpot earning $34,290 in cash winnings. Sea Toy is another consistent team as they finished 2nd in the 2010 and 2007 Bermuda Big Game Classics and weighed the heaviest blue marlin in the 2007 Sea Horse.

Congratulations to all the winners and get ready for the 11th annual Bermuda Big Game Classic.

1) Wound Up – 4 blue marlin releases – 2,000 points and cash winnings of


2) Sea’duce – 3 blue marlin releases – 1,500 points and cash winnings of


3) Sea Toy – 2 blue marlin releases; 1 white release – 1,200 points and

    cash winnings of $34,290  

4) Rameseas – 2 blue marlin releases; 1 white release – 1,200

5) Never Enough – 1 blue marlin release; 2 white releases; 1 spearfish

    release - 1,000  

6) Off Piste – 1 blue marlin release; 2 white releases – 900

7) Weez in the Keys – 1 blue marlin release; 2 white releases

8) Double B – 4 white releases – 800

9) Mako – 4 white releases

10) Mojo – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release; 1 spearfish release – 800

11) Reel Lax – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release – 700

12) Boomer – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release – 700 points and cash

   winnings of $36,417  

13) Uno Mas – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release – 700

14) Game On – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

15) Treasure Isle – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

16) Blank Check – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

17) Lights Out – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

18) Que Mas – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

19) Click Through – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

20) Queen of Hearts – 1 blue marlin release; 1 white release

21) Cookie Monster – 3 white releases – 600

22) Reel Addiction – 3 white releases

23) Great Escape – 3 white releases

24) Fish On – 1 blue marlin release – 500 points and cash winnings of


25) Callie Girl – 1 blue marlin release – 500

26) El Cazador – 1 blue marlin release

27) Overproof – 1 white release – 200

28) Over Budget – 1 white release

29) Georgie Girl – 1 white release

30) Mama Who – 1 white release

31) Touchdown – 1 white release

32) Mattanza – 1 white release

33) Notorious – 1 white release

34) Reel Estate – 1 white release

35) Margin Call – 1 white release

Thank you to our participants and valued sponsors Bermuda Department of Tourism, Bacardi, Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Caterpillar, Argo Group Ltd, Awlgrip, Fin-Nor, Geoffrey Smith, Island Construction, Island Glass, King Sailfish Mounts, Masters, Miles Market, PWMarine, Rubis Energy, Steve Goione, Vanmark Jewelry, Ocean Blue Graphics, Marlin, Sport Fishing, Marina Pez Vela, Shadow Caster and Mold Craft for their generous support.