WFN TV's "Reel Road Trip" comes to California May 25-30

Show Tackles Conservation Issues and Unique Golden State Fishing Opportunities

Each week on WFN Reel Road Trip, a destination-based fishing program on WFN: World Fishing Network, host Mark Melnyk uncovers some of the best "fishing tails" from across North America.

Between May 25 and May 30, the only 24/7 television network dedicated entirely to fishing programming will run a special encore presentation of Melnyk's visit to the Golden State.    Due to its size, geography and diverse climate - not to mention its vastly different fisheries - it's often said that Northern and Southern California could easily be separate states.  Heck, with more than 840 miles of coastline, California could be its own country.

This important episode of WFN Reel Road Trip is more than just a California fishing travelogue.  It delves into important conservation issues and educates viewers about eco-friendly fishing experiences and techniques unique to California.   The Northern California portion of the show takes viewers behind the scenes at LaRocca Seafood in San Francisco, where for 102 years this family-run operation has anchored the city's famous Fish Market.   For a look into the difficult challenges facing native fish in the nation's most populated state, WFN Reel Road Trip  also sits down with Brian Stranko, CEO of California Trout (, an organization dedicated to "protecting and restoring wild trout and steelhead waters throughout California."

In Southern California, the show takes viewers on an uniquely SoCal fishing
experience - kayak fishing in San Diego Bay with guide Jim Sammons (  This expansive bay near the Mexican border offers miles of protected waters, along with the ability to tackle a wide variety of species from sand bass, spotted bass, calico bass and halibut to "exotic" species like orangemouth corvina and, believe it or not, bonefish.  WFN Reel Road Trip then takes anglers offshore to experience extreme fly fishing for pelagic sharks.  Under the tutelage of Conway Bowman (, anglers learn about fooling these toothy predators on artificial flies, with an emphasis on sustainable catch-and-release.

"Reel Road Trip is less about catching more fish and more about becoming better informed and educated sportsmen," explains Melnyk.  "In every episode, we showcase what makes a particular city, state or region unique and profile interesting people who share our passion for the sport.  We truly hit the jackpot in California."

Timing for this show is ideal, as anglers on both ends of the state are gearing up for the kickoff of fishing season.  This special California encore show will run 10 times between May 25 and May 30 on WFN and WFN HD.  For a listing of these episodes and all WFN programming, anglers can go to  To find a cable system offering WFN or WFN HD, fishermen should visit www.WFN.TV/demand.