Video: Shark Gets Airborne for Tuna

A Hawaiian kayak fisherman records a shark air-attack on camera.

Airborne Shark Near Kayak

Airborne Shark Near Kayak

Rapidly growing numbers of kayak anglers, and additions to their kayaks such as bow-mounted cameras, are capturing amazing video on the water.

Ocean Kayaks pro angler Isaac "Rocket" Brumaghim was tournament fishing two miles off Waianae, Hawaii recently when a massive shark went airborne for his hooked tuna.

The footage below shows the shark attacking the fish at the water's surface, just 10 feet from the 'yak. (The video does include a couple Not Safe For Work expletives.)

For perspective, the shark was likely similar in size to the kayak Brumaghim was fishing from.

Sharks are a common occurence on the water, but this was something completely new.

"I've never had a shark jump from behind me," Isaac told the Honolulu Star Advertiser.

It's hard to decipher from the video, but the shark could have been any number of local species. We'll let the shark researchers make an exact identification.

Isaac Brumaghim formed Aquahunters, a small kayak fishing club out of Oahu, in 2005. Since then, he's helped grow the sport of offshore kayak fishing throughout the Hawaiian Islands, including the Makahiki tournament.