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Video: Giant Basking Shark Washed Ashore on Long Island

A revisit to the 2009 event of the monster-shark that washed on the shores of New York.

Captain Quint and the boys would have had a helluva time pulling this massive shark. Oddly enough, both of these giant shark stories took place in Long Island. The Amity Island mayor's office had no comment for both events.

There have been mixed reports as far as how big the basking shark was - some say 15 feet long, others over 20 feet. Well, we are here to state that it was really, really big.

The basking shark washed between the Gilgo and Cedar beaches with tons of on-lookers. The local news of the area, WABC-TV reported:

There was an unusual sighting on a beach on Long Island Tuesday morning when a live shark washed ashore on Gilgo Beach in Suffolk County.

Unfortunately, the 24-foot basking shark later died.

Surfers catching a wave spotted the animal flailing and thought it might be a surf board. Instead, they found the distressed shark.

The surfers dialed 911, and wildlife officials rushed to the aid of shark. They were unable to save the animal.

New York State Parks official George Gorman said Tuesday that researchers will examine the shark to determine a cause of death. After that, it will be buried in nearby sand dunes on the beach.

From CNN:

On-looker, Chris Jelley, took this video on the day:

Another one washed ashore on Rhode Island beach back in April of this year - Huffington Post.



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