Team Click Through leads Big Game Classic

The tournament is now underway in Bermuda

The second day of fishing for the Classic anglers saw better results and the second slam of the season. The morning started out with lots of whites on the banks knocking around the lures and teasers. Successful white releases happened for Weez in the Keys, Click Through, Uno Mas, Mama Who and Ramseas. The blues started to chew by mid-morning with successful releases on Georgie Girl at 9:40 and Sea Toy at 9:50. Treasure Isle, Mako and Mattanza continued the white marlin parade with all teams releasing before noon. Weez scored a nice blue release at 11:24 giving them 700 points for the day moving them up the leader board. Things started to heat up during the lunch hour with Kerry D, Weez and Uno Mas releasing whites and Mega Bucks and Sea Toy releasing blues. First time visiting boat Reel Estate from Orlando Florida hooked up to a nice one for owner angler Bob Harrell at 11:45. After a twenty-five minute battle the team decided to boat the fish and work their way towards to dock. In the meantime Mattanza hooked up to a blue for angler Steven Greenburg which they successfully released. A few minutes later the call came from Mattanza that they were hooked up again with angler Kim Manning ultimately releasing a spearfish to complete the slam at 12:19. Less than 30 minutes later Greenburg and Mattanza were on another blue one with the release coming after a 15-minute battle launching Mattanza from tied for last to first place position with 1300-points. At 2:45 Reel Estate entered Barr's Bay to weigh their boated blue marlin. Since no fish were boated on the fist day a qualifier over 500-pounds could mean a double daily jackpot. Fortunately for the team she weighed in at 517-pounds giving them a chance for a nice payday if no other team could catch a larger one. The bite continued to be steady with Pink Impressions catching a blue & white in the afternoon, Queen of Hearts, Callie Girl, Challenger, Mega Bucks and Waste Knot releasing blues, Seraphim and Unreel releasing whites. The last hook-up came from Click Through at 3:55 just before lines out. The successful release was key for angler Keith English as the 500-points moved them back into first place position team and high-point angler. Team_ Reel Estate's_ fish held on to take the double daily worth $54,000. Mattanza's 1300-points for the day won the Daily Billfish Release Jackpot worth $28,000. In the Game Fish Division angler owner Scott Robins on the Weez caught a 49.3-pound wahoo to take the lead in that division.