Snapper Quest

Famed marine photographer Jason Arnold pursues a life-long quest to catch every species of snapper in the ocean.
Jason Arnold fishing Sea Cortez
When Jason Arnold isn’t holding a camera, he’ll pick up a fishing rod with the goal of catching another new species of snapper, as he is doing here in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. Jim Hendricks

More than 100 species of snapper swim in waters around the world, and few people have caught more of them than Jason Arnold. He’s boated more than 20 species so far, but his bucket list is far from complete. His quest continues as he travels the globe, primarily as a highly respected photographer serving marine companies, fishing tackle clients and magazines like Salt Water Sportsman.

“Wherever I travel, be it the Caribbean, Baja California, Panama or elsewhere, in my spare time I try for a species of snapper I’ve never caught before,” Arnold explains. He often shoots underwater photography of the snapper he catches, some of which have found their way into a new book, Any Fish. Any Water. Published by AFTCO, the coffee-table-style picture book features Arnold’s stunning work throughout. Proceeds from sales of the $79 book from benefit the Coastal Conservation Association.

Jason Arnold book
A new book titled Any Fish. Any Water is filled with gorgeous underwater images by Jason Arnold. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Coastal Conservation Association. Jim Hendricks

Arnold was kind enough to share some of his unique underwater images of snapper, and we’ve thrown in a few above-water photos of our own—all to show the beauty and diversity of these fish that drive an award-winning photographer on a life-long snapper quest.

Atlantic Red Snapper
Atlantic Red Snapper Jason Arnold
Cubera Snapper
Cubera Snapper Jason Arnold
Mangrove Snapper
Mangrove Snapper Jason Arnold
Mutton Snapper
Mutton Snapper Jason Arnold
Mullet snapper
Mullet Snapper (Pargo Lisa, in Spanish) Jason Arnold
Yelloweye Snapper
Yelloweye Snapper Jim Hendricks
Yellowtail Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper Jim Hendricks

Other varieties of snapper that Arnold has boated include:

  • Barred snapper
  • Bigeye snapper
  • Black banded snapper
  • Brownstripe red snapper
  • Button snapper
  • Checkered snapper
  • Colorado snapper (pargo colorado)
  • Dog snapper
  • Flame snapper
  • Lane snapper
  • Mahogany snapper
  • Schoolmaster snapper
  • Silk snapper
  • Schoolmaster snapper
  • Ruby snapper
  • Pacific red snapper
  • Pacific dog snapper
  • Pacific yellow snapper (pargo amarillo)
  • Queen snapper
  • Rose snapper
  • Vermillion snapper