Sharrow Marine Partners with Yamaha to Manufacture and Distribute Unique Propeller

Sharrow has partnered with Yamaha Precision Propeller to build and distribute the unique and efficient new prop.

Sharrow Marine, makers of a unique propeller that the company says improves efficiency and offers better handling than conventional designs, has partnered with Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers to produce the innovative props in Yamaha’s Greenfield, Indiana facility.

Sharrow Marine’s new design might be the biggest innovation in propellers since the 1930s.

Sharrow’s distinctive props won the NMMA Innovation Award at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show, thanks to a host of improvements over more traditional propellers. Performance enhancements delivered by Sharrow’s design include stronger propeller structure, reduced vibration, better handling, and higher speed per RPM. The company claims the props are up to 30 percent more efficient than the industry-leading conventional propeller designs, giving consumers better fuel economy and range.

“Yamaha has world-wide respect for the quality and dependability of its products. We’re proud to have the opportunity to manufacture our high-tech propellers in Yamaha’s new, state-of-the-art casting facility in Indiana,” said Greg Sharrow, CEO of Sharrow Marine. “We’re also excited to have access to the Yamaha distribution network, which will dramatically accelerate our efforts to deliver the Sharrow Propeller to boaters across the world.”

Yamaha will offer Sharrow Propellers for sale through its network of more than 2000 dealers, so boaters can easily retrofit their existing motors. They will also be available as an OEM option through Yamaha’s boatbuilder partners, with over 100 of world’s leading shipwrights having access to new design. Sharrow props will have unique SKU numbers for Yamaha dealers to easily order the new propellers for customers.

Sharrow Propeller Castings
Sharrow propellers will be manufactured at the Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers facility in Greenfield, Indiana. Courtesy Sharrow Marine

Additionally, the agreement between Sharrow Marine and Yamaha Marine Precision Propellers will enable Sharrow Marine to manufacture its award-winning propellers in Yamaha’s state-of-the-art facility and foundry in Greenfield, Indiana.

“Sharrow Marine’s choice of Yamaha as a manufacturing and distribution partner underscores Yamaha’s leadership position in the casting industry,” said Jonathon Burns, general manager, Yamaha US Marine Planning and Development. “Through our new relationship with Sharrow Marine, Yamaha can offer boat builders, dealers and customers an even greater number of options when it comes to maximizing boat performance through propeller selection.”

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