New record book ready from IGFA

The 2010 edition of World Record Game Fishes is now available


The 2010 edition of World Record Game Fishes, an annual publication  of the International Game Fish Association and a mainstay reference book for anglers, is now available.

The popular annual is the official guide to saltwater and freshwater catches for over 1,100 species around the world in the all-tackle category and nearly 400 species in line class, fly, and junior angler record categories. It's been described as "the most comprehensive piece of fishing information available anywhere," a statement made often by serious fishermen and fishing writers alike.

The book also contains a wide range of fishing- reference materials including in-depth and entertaining features by top writers worldwide.

This year's edition features Tim Simpson's "Wahoo on Light Line," "Goliath Tigerfish," "Fishing the Congo," by Jakub Vágner, Mikhail Mogutov's "Hucho Taimen" and "Swordfish, Deep-drop in the Daytime", by South Florida authority Vic Gaspeny

Also included are directories of IGFA Official Weigh Stations and IGFA Captains, which are useful when planning your fishing travels or when looking to break a world record. And there are over 150 pages of the updated list of world record holders. Of special interest to potential record holders are the complete rules for rigging and tackle to qualify a catch for world record consideration.

The Annual is available with membership to the IGFA. Regular memberships are $40. To join and receive the 2010 World Record Game Fishes, go to or call 954-927-2628.