Motor Guide Introduces Wireless Trolling Motor

MotorGuide's Xi5 trolling motor includes quiet operation, rugged construction and pinpoint GPS control.

Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor

Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor

MotorGuide recently introduced its innovative Xi5 wireless, electric-steer trolling motor to anglers. The Xi5 is the first in a series of reliable trolling motors that feature angler-focused characteristics, including quiet operation, rugged construction, precision control and easy-to-stow-and-deploy features.

“The Xi5 is the result of listening to our customers and delivering a product based on their needs.” said Ben Curtis, category director for MotorGuide. “Xi5 provides reliable, quiet power in a way that allows the angler to navigate precisely while spending more time fishing and less time worrying about controlling his trolling motor.”

Go Wireless

Wireless operation is not an add-on for the MotorGuide Xi5 – it’s built in. Saltwater models come standard with an easy-to-use wireless handheld remote. The remote, along with lanyard, provides a lightweight and convenient method to precisely control the trolling motor. The handheld remote, or a foot pedal, are available as optional accessories for users who prefer multiple sources of control.

The Xi5 is built tough with features such as fully encapsulated digital electronics, stainless steel hardware, and a composite shaft. MotorGuide backs the Xi5 with a two-year factory warranty and a lifetime warranty on the composite shaft. Quiet operation includes a smooth-spinning two-blade Safari weedless propeller, ultra-quiet steering motor and solid locking linkages.

The Xi5 is offered in 12, 24 and 36-volt models with thrusts ranging from 55 pounds to 105 pounds in freshwater and saltwater versions in a variety of shaft lengths.

Pinpoint GPS Control

Pinpoint GPS navigation is available on the new Xi5 wireless trolling motor. Pinpoint GPS delivers on-target location accuracy that enables anglers to precisely position their boats and achieve optimum boat control.

“In talking with anglers, the most important aspect of GPS-integrated trolling motors is their ability to maintain accuracy,” said Ben Curtis, category director for MotorGuide. “Pinpoint GPS uses an ultra-precise GPS receiver and control algorithms to keep the boat positioned tightly on the target.”

Through a compact, easy-to-use hand-held remote, Pinpoint GPS enables anglers to move a boat in five-foot increments in any direction and store up to 8 locations when in “anchor” mode.

“Being able to position and jog your boat to make the best possible presentation of the bait is essential to catch fish, and Pinpoint GPS enables anglers to precisely position their boats to stay on fish and bring home a bigger catch,” Curtis said.

Pinpoint GPS features “heading lock” and “cruise control” options to navigate the boat to specific compass headings while holding a constant speed against wind and current. In its “route memory” mode, Pinpoint GPS can store and recall up to eight routes of four miles each.

Pinpoint GPS is available this fall as a factory-installed upgrade or as an easy to install option that anglers can purchase from retailers.