Marina Casa de Campo Ends Fishing Season with 855 Blue Marlin Releases

Season closes in Dominican Republic with 855/1,418 blue marlin released in 112 days of fishing, averaging in 8 billfish per day

marlin camp

marlin camp

Courtesy of Richard Gibson and Marina Casa de Campo

The blue marlin fishing season for Marina Casa de Campo in La Romana, Domincan Republic, with 855/1,418 blue marlin released in 112 days of fishing, averaging in 8 billfish per day.

This year, La Marina counted with the presence of over 37 U.S. fishing vessels with some of the world's most renowned sports fishermen. Besides the traditional Therapy, Fa-La-Me, Blue Heaven, Betsy, Shoe, Ambush, Chasin' Tail, Shark Byte,; new vessels visited the Marina this season, such as Hey Girl, Whoo Dat, Dream Time, Contango, Scandalous, Special Situation, Committed, Skin Deep, among others.

We also had the participation of vessels from Puerto Rico, such as: Doña Lucy, Blue Bird and Borinquen.

The season heated up in January with 36 blue marlin released in just 10 days of fishing. Betsy, Skin Deep, Borinquen, Bandolera and the local boat Galana were fishing in January.

Formally the 2014 season started in February and closed with 22 blue marlin releases in 12 days of fishing with 9 boats fishing.

This year the peak of the season was March that closed with a total of 491 releases in 31 days of fishing, averaging 16 releases per day. 31 boats fished in March, including Blue Heaven, Ambush, Fa-La-Me, Whoo Da_t, among others. March closed with _Dream Time releasing 12/13 blue marlin.

The real March Madness happened during the Casa de Campo International Blue Marlin Classic, with 16 boats participating, 73 blue marlin released in two days of fishing. Besides the tournament releases, 18 blue marlin were released during the two days of the tournament, for a total of 91 blue marlin releases in just two days of fishing with 20 boats fishing these two days.

April closed with 240 releases in 30 days of fishing with a total of 33 boats fishing, averaging 8 releases per day.

The 2014 fishing season for Marina Casa de Campo formally closed on May 30, with 66 blue marlin releases in 29 days of fishing.

Aside from blue marlin, the boats released 49 white marlin and caught mahi-mahis, wahoo’s and Tuna. Contango caught a 376 pound Swordfish on April 12.

2015 Fishing Season will be open from February to June and the Casa de Campo blue marlin Classic will take place from March 17 to 22.