Mandatory registration in effect for Jersey anglers

The registration is free, and is required

Effective May 4 New Jersey anglers must be registered with the N.J. division of Fish and Wildlife to fish in salt water. The registration is free, and is required even if the fisherman has already signed up under the NOAA Federal Saltwater Angler Registry process.

The N.J registration replaces the  $15 federal registry required of all anglers since January. The state registry fulfills the requirements of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act of 2006, and eliminates the fee that New Jersey angles had to pay prior to the establishment of state registry .

The registry is designed to allow the collection of data on the impact of recreational anglers on the resource and the economy. Data provided through the program will be used to help anglers and policy makers reach management decisions based on more accurate data than has been available under other systems.


The New Jersey registration is required of all anglers 16 years and older who fish with hand line or rod and reel, speargun or by hand in the marine and fresh tidal waters of New Jersey; or who  fish in marine waters outside the jurisdiction of New Jersey but land their catch in the state.

Angler under 16 years old, are exempt as are those who fish aboard a registered for-hire vessel or charter boat.

To register go to where filling out a simple form with your name, address and social security number generates the printable certificate you need to have in possession when you fish saltwater in New Jersey.


For more information go to


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