Local Team Takes 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship

An explosive bite and repeat win highlight the annual tournament in Cabo San Lucas

May 22, 2012
IGFA 2012

IGFA 2012

Anglers from around the world enjoyed one of the best bites the tournament has seen in the 13-year history at the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

After a blistering start with 139 striped marlin releases on the first day, the fleet improved to 152 releases on Day Two followed by 102 releases on Day Three. The team representing the 2010 IGFA Champions equaled their first-day performance by adding another eleven striped marlin releases to their score on Day Two and an outstanding 15 releases on the third day giving them 7400 points and an insurmountable lead in the tournament.

Another team making a big move on Day Two with eleven releases was the Masters Dolphins Fisherman team from Spain. The team added three releases on the third day to jump into the second place team division with 3600 points. The multinational team representing the 7th Campeonato International de Peca Grossa de Portimao in Portugal took advantage of the bite, catching nine striped marlin on Day Two and three on the third day to move up the board into third place with 3600-points.


Heading into the final day of fishing the weather changed with the wind picking up and temperatures dropping dramatically. The result was a four-degree sea-surface temperature change, 15-knot winds and almost a complete shutdown of the bite with the fleet releasing only eight striped marlin. The XVIII Open De Baleares De Pesca De Altura team from Spain managed to release three of those fish giving them 3400 points and a fourth-place finish in the Championship. The team representing the 7th Campeonato International de Peca Grossa de Portimao in Portugal did not add any points on the final day but their 3600 points earned on the first three days of fishing was enough to keep them in third place overall.

The awards ceremony took place Friday, May 18, on the pool deck of the Finisterra Hotel. Anglers were treated to a dinner buffet, door prizes, video presentation, live band and fireworks. The winning team received gold and diamond championship rings crafted by Mark Lloyd of Vanmark Jewelry, bronze sculptures designed by Geoffrey Smith, custom embroidered apparel fighting belts and release gloves from Aftco, hand held chart plotter from Garmin, Fin-Nor rod & reel combos, Guy Harvey artwork, Costa sunglasses and Momoi line.

The second and third place teams received Geoffrey Smith bronze sculptures, Costa sunglasses, Fin-Nor rod & reel combos, Guy Harvey artwork and Momoi line. The Top Six anglers received King Sailfish Mounts trophies, Guy Harvey artwork with the first place angler also receiving a pair of Costa sunglasses, Accurate Reel and Steiner Binoculars. Game fish division winners receive beautiful King Sailfish Mounts Trophies, Guy Harvey Artwork, and Melton International Tackle lures.


Anglers’ thirsts were quenched by Baja Brewing Company at the docks every afternoon after fishing.

Final Standings:**

Third Place


Portugal-based 7th Campeonato International de Pesca Grossa de Portimao Tournament
3600 total points from 18 striped marlin releases

Joshua Worthington New Zealand Points 1400.00
Tony Orton New Zealand Points 800.00
Robina Bagnall New Zealand Points 600.00
Alexander Prokhorov Russia Points 600.00
Miguel Vargas Mexico Points 200.00

Second Place


Spain-based Masters Dolphins Fisherman Tournament Series
3800 total points from 19 striped marlin releases

Luis Lorenzo Arballo Castillo / Mexico / 2800
Juan Carlos Garcia Saban / Spain / 600
Manuel Godoy Gambarte / Spain / 400
Juan Manuel Delgado / Spain / 0
Francisco Vazquez / Spain / 0
The team representing the Masters Dolphins Fisherman Series from Spain stayed very consistent with their second day being the best with 11 releases. The team added one release on the final day giving the team a total 3800-points and second place finish._

First Place

Mexico-based IGFA Offshore World Champions
7400 total points from 37 striped marlin releases

Hernando Gonzalez / Mexico / 4800
Arturo Montelongo / Mexico / 2000
Job Villavicencio / Mexico / 600
Lucas Orantes / Mexico / 0
Manuel Pizarro / Mexico / 0
The Mexico team representing the 2010 Champions did not add any releases on the final day but their impressive 7400 points from the first three days was more than enough to win the Championship. This team is anchored by Hernando Gonzales who has established himself as the top angler in the Baja winning his fourth Top Angler award in the Championship.

Top Three Dolphin**

First Place: (38 pounds) angler Allen Gagnon fishing for the Falmouth Offshore Grand Prix Tournament Team, Massachusetts, U.S.
Second Place: (30.5 pounds) angler Fernando Santos fishing for the Grand Slam Sportfishing Tournament Team, Angola.
Third Place: (26 pounds) angler Mike Potts fishing for the Oregon Tuna Classic Team, Oregon, U.S.

Top Six Anglers

First Place Angler: (4800 points) Hernando Gonzales fishing for the 2010 IGFA Offshore World Championship Team, Mexico
Second Place Angler: (2800 points) Luis Lorenzo Arballo fishing for the Master Dolphins Fisherman Series Tournament ,Spain
Third Place Angler: (2200 points) Julian Liquidano Garcia fishing for the Herbie Paul International Festival Tournament, Kenya
Fourth Place Angler: (2200 points) Jose Plasencia Muro fishing for the Open Pesca Altura Port Torredembarra Tournament, Spain
Fifth Place Angler: (2000 points) Arturo Montelongo fishing for the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Champions Team, Mexico
Sixth Place Angler: (1600 points) Robert Rowe fishing for the 39th Annual Bluewater Tournament Florida, U.S.

Top Three Captains and Mates**

First Place: Go Deep (4600 points) from 23 striped marlin releases. Captain Luis Abaroa and mate Jose Torres Chavez
Second Place: Yahoo (4200 points) from 21 striped marlin releases. Captain Ricardo Escamilla and mate Jose Escamilla
Third Place: Listo (4000 points) from 20 striped marlin releases. Captain Eduardo Cesena and mate Alberto Garcia

Cabo San Lucas provides the perfect backdrop for the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship. Mark MacKenzie
02_captains meeting at squid roe.jpg
Tournament Director Dan Jacobs with the crews for the 2012 IGFA Offshore World Championship during the captains meeting at the famous Squid Roe. Mark MacKenzie
Anglers are greeted with margaritas upon arriving at the historic Finisterra Hotel for check in. Mark MacKenzie
04_pitch casting competition.jpg
On Sunday anglers picked up their registration packets, goodie bags and participated in a little casting competition to practice pitching baits. Mark MacKenzie
05_opening fiesta.jpg
Participants were treated to a Mexican Fiesta the evening before the tournament began. Mark MacKenzie
06_pre start.jpg
Teams congregating in the harbor at sunrise in anticipation of the 7 a.m. shotgun start. Mark MacKenzie
Rush hour in Cabo as 46 teams from 21 countries head out to the fishing grounds on the first day of the tournament. Mark MacKenzie
08_jumping marlin day one.png
The bite was fast and furious with 401 striped marlin released over the four days of fishing. Mark MacKenzie
09_busy scoring table day one.jpg
With over 100 release videos to review each day, the scoring table was a busy place. Mark MacKenzie
10_bait eating seal.jpg
The local seals in the harbor made sure that none of the unused bait went to waste. Mark MacKenzie
11_38lb dorado.jpg
Angler Allen Gagnon with his first-place dolphin. Mark MacKenzie
12_first place captain.jpg
First place captain Luis Abaroa and mate Jose Torres Chavez from the boat Go Deep. Mark MacKenzie
13_first place dolphin.jpg
The first place dolphin award went to Allen Gagnon from the Falmouth Offshore Grand Prix Tourmament Team. Mark MacKenzie
14_first place angler.jpg
The first place angler award went to Hernando Gonzales from the 2010 IGFA Offshore World Championship Team. Mark MacKenzie
15_third place team.jpg
The third place team was 7th Campeonato International de Pesca Grossa de Portimao Tournament with 3600 points from 18 striped marlin releases. Team members included Joshua Worthington, Tony Orton, Robina Bagnall, Alexander Prokhorov and Miguel Vargas. Mark MacKenzie
16_second place team.jpg
The second place team was Masters Dolphins Fisherman Tournament Series with 3800 points from 19 striped marlin releases. Team members included Luis Lorenzo Alberto Castillo, Juan Carlos Garcia Saban, Manuel Godoy Gambarte, Juan Manuel Delgado and Francisco Vazquez. Mark MacKenzie
17_first place team.jpg
The first place team was IGFA 2010 Offshore World Champions with 7400 from 37 striped marlin releases. Team members included Hernando Gonzalez, Arturo Montelongo, Jobe Villavicencio, Lucas Orantes and Manuel Pizarro. Mark MacKenzie

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