Final Tournament Standings as FishStock 2014 Wraps Up

FishStock 2014 drew to a close with awards ceremony announcing winners in the 2014 New Smyrna Striking Fish Tournament and the 2014 Redfish and Trout Challenge.
tem bell

tem bell

Team Bell, 1st Place, Team Division OVERALL BOAT, in the Redfish and Trout Challenge

FishStock 2014 drew to a close Sunday, May 25, as winners were announced in the 2014 New Smyrna Striking Fish Tournament and the 2014 Redfish and Trout Challenge. The awards ceremony took place in the Brannon Center, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, with Boston Whaler and MarineMax as presenting sponsors.

Final results for 2014 New Smyrna Striking Fish Tournament

Over two day of offshore competition that ended Saturday, May 24, 35 teams comprising 187 anglers tallied 71 dolphin, 8 kingfish, 4 wahoo and one tuna.



1st Place: Team Marine Specialties for two qualifying dolphin for a total of 270 points.

2nd Place: Team Atlantic Marine with a 41-pound wahoo, and a smaller qualifying wahoo and a kingfish for a total of 170 points.


3rd Place: Team Tegemareeb hit the board with a single fish, a 50-pound dolphin for a cumulative score of 100 points

4th Place: Team_ Sea Genie_ held on to fourth place with 65 points for its kingfish catches on the first day.



1st Place Lady Angler: Samantha Coppola Stroke & Poke 46.1-pound Dolphin also winning 3rd Place Dolphin on Stroke & Poke winning $238

2nd Place Lady Angler: Kimberly Machnik Team Marine Max 29.4-pound Dolphin

3rd Place Lady Angler – Dana Taylor 23.4-pound dolphin on Team Edgewater Power Boats




1st Place Junior Angler: Mathew Ryan –The Beast – 26.2-pound Dolphin** **

2nd Place, Junior Angler: Eric Seidelman Jr. , Team All In, 23.3-pound Dolphin** **

3rd Place Junior Angler: Caden Sikorski, Team_ Marine Specialties,_ 22.4-pound Dolphin** **


Team_ Tegemareeb_: 1st place Dolphin 50-pounds, Day one: Dolphin Daily Jackpot, 2nd place; Overall Boat Optional, 3rd place. Total winnings, $2,835.

Team_ Sea Genie:_ 1st, 3rd and 4th place Kingfish, 28.5, 24.3 and 21.80 pounds; 3rd place Overall Optional Jackpot, Day 1 and Day 2 Daily Kingfish Jackpot. Total winnings $2,942.80.

Team_ Pub 44_: 2nd Place Dolphin 46.5-pounds caught by Kelley DeSoto; Day Two Dolphin Jackpot: total winnings, $718.20

Team Tighten Up: 4th Place Overall Boat Optional: points from 34.6-pound dolphin, $420

Team Boston Whaler: 4th Place Dolphin, 43.4 pounds, angler Bobby Garza, $142.80

_ _


Team_ Marine Specialties_: 1st and 4th place wahoo from 44.9 & 18.6- pound fish; 1st place and only tuna, a 17.7-pound blackfin; Day 1 wahoo daily jackpot; day 1 & 2 daily tuna jackpot; 1st place Overall Optional Jackpot; and 1st place team. Total winnings $7,023.80

Team_ Marine Specialties_ also receives an invitation to the 2015 Offshore World Championship in Quepos, Costa Rica.

Team_ Atlantic Marine_: 2nd & 3rd place wahoo from 41 and 24.2-pound fish; 2nd place kingfish, 25.3-pounds; Day 2 daily wahoo jackpot; and 2nd place team. Total winnings, $2,479.40.

Final results for **the Annual Redfish and Trout Challenge:**** **

The 12th Annual Redfish and Trout Challenge wrapped up two days of competition with 221 anglers in 86 teams competing for $15,000 in cash and prizes. Final results posted a total of 167 redfish and 83 trout.

The following awards were presented Sunday evening, with Boston Whaler and MarineMax as presenting sponsors:

Team Division Overall Boat_


1st Place: Team Bell 37.37-pounds $1354.50 anglers Gary and Kate Bell. Total winnings $2,408

2nd Place: Team Wack Em & Stack Em 35.66-pounds $1053.50 anglers Tommy & Caroline Kelley and Mike Brockman. Total winnings $2,124.50

3rd Place: Team Lemmon 34-pounds anglers Nathaniel and Corey Lemmon Total winnings $602

Top Lady Angler

1st Place: Danielle Giamo 7.81- pound Redfish Team Set The Hook

2nd Place: Maggie Rood 6.88-pound Redfish Team Lemmon

3rd Place: Samantha Ertel 6.76 Redfish Team Reel Strung Out

Junior Angler

1st Place Junior Angler: Caroline Kelley 6.61-pound redfish Team Wack Em & Stack Em

2nd Place Junior Angler: Emma Norman 6.56-pound redfish Team Norman

3rd Place Junior Angler: Devon Spicer 6.23-pound redfish Team Ormond Spikes

Trout Category

1st Place: Team Moore 12.42-pounds, $752.50

2nd Place: Team Fisher/Fisher 12.25-pounds, $451.50
3rd Place: Team Bell 12.01-pounds, $301.00

Optional Daily Trout Jackpot

Day 1 Jackpot Winner: Team Shackelford/Robinson 6.53-pound, $556.50

Day 2 Trout Jackpot Winner: Team Fisher 6.9-pounds, $556.50

Redfish Category

1st Place: Team Bell 25.36-pounds $752.50

2nd Place: Team Wack Em & Stack Em 25.28-pounds, $451.50

3rd Place: Team Orion 25.03-pounds, $301.00

Optional Daily Redfish Jackpot

Day 1 Redfish Jackpot Winner: Team Moore 13.63-pounds, $619.50

Day 2 Redfish Jackpot Winner: 13.22-pounds Team Wack Em & Stack Em, $619.50

Optional Daily Most Spots Jackpot

Day 1 Winner: Team 8″ Deep with 9 spots, $472.50

Day 2 Winner: Team Sea It Catch It with 3 spots, $472.50