Century Boat Company undergoes capital expansion project

Factory refit to limit production capabilities in June

Century Boat Company, Inc. is entering the final stages of a 20,000 square-foot capital expansion project that will position the manufacturer for increased manufacturing capacity and efficiency in the future.

The factory’s production lines will now have a separate mold rotation area, as well as a state of the art air make-up system in its grinding area.  This new addition will allow Century to spread out the current production lines, providing the ability to add additional production lines and capacity in the future.  “The expansion will allow us to look at larger boats in the future, as well as putting us in a better position to compete when the economy gets on a more even keel; which it will,” says Dean Burnett, Vice President/General Manager of Century Boat Company, Inc.   
“June is typically a slow month for orders for the marine industry and this June it is especially true.  Although Century will be open during the month of June, we will take advantage of this slow period and shut down the lamination area of our factory to complete the refit,” says Burnett, “All of our other departments will be open for business as we prepare for our July Dealer Meeting and the launch of our 2009 line-up.”
The marine industry as a whole has fallen on tough economic times, and the past year has been challenging for all saltwater boat manufacturers, which has resulted in reducing the head count of its Panama City-based workforce by approximately 40 employees.  “Our industry has seen this type of cycle before, and with time, this downturn will pass.  It’s not anyone’s fault, especially not our employees, it’s simply a set of unfortunate circumstances that the nation and our industry in particular is dealing with right now,” says Burnett.  “Century produces a demand product, and we have one of the strongest dealer networks in the country,” he said.
Burnett added that both Century, and its parent company, Yamaha Motor Corporation, have several new products available for 2009, which should help to renew and strengthen interest in boating and fishing.