New Rules Out West


Long-Range Fleet Drafts Self-Imposed Size Limits.

|| |---| || |LONG LIST: SoCal skippers agreed to new size limits. Photo: Chuck Garrison| The captains and owners of San Diego's long-range sportfishing fleet recently joined forces and agreed to a code of ethics that establishes self-imposed minimum-size limits for species their boats target. The crews will continue their no-take policies on sharks, black sea bass and billfish (except for swordfish) and will enforce the following:

¿ No yellowtail, grouper or dolphin smaller than 28 inches

¿ No tuna (including albacore) smaller than 24 inches

"We need to continue getting away from the mentality of killing everything we catch," says Frank LoPreste, captain of the Royal Polaris. "We need to get the point across to our anglers that they're going to catch more than they can eat anyway, so why not be selective in what they keep."
- Tom Waters