New Evinrude E-Tec G2 Outboards

Evinrude Add Four New Horsepower Classes to the G2 Line

Evinrude announced this week the addition of four popular horsepower classes to its E-Tec G2 line of outboards. The newest outboards feature 2.7-liter blocks and range from 150 to 200 hp. Back in 2014, Evinrude unveiled the first G2 outboards featuring 3.4-liter blocks and ranging in horsepower from a 200 H.O to 300. The new G2s include over a number of features from the bigger models, including the bold, love-it-or-hate-it G2 styling.

Like all Evinrude outboards, the new engines are direct-fuel-injected two-strokes. The G2 iteration of this technology affords boating anglers a number of performance advantages, says Jason Eckman, product marketing manager for Evinrude. “G2 is the perfection of E-Tec,” Eckman states. G2 technology offers 20 percent more torque, 15 percent better fuel efficiency and 75 percent fewer emissions when pitted against comparable four-stroke outboards, according to Evinrude’s comparison tests.

E-Tec G2 outboards
Evinrude added four popular horsepower classes to its E-Tec G2 line of outboards.Courtesy Evinrude

Overcoming four-stroke bias among saltwater boating anglers is a challenge for Evinrude, Eckman admits. At the same time, he also sees great potential in offering something distinctly different and, as he views it, better for boating anglers. “You can’t make a me-too product and delight enthusiasts,” he says. The new generation of Evinrude outboards have advanced far beyond the old-school perception of smelly, smoky two-strokes, which was a factor in driving boaters toward four-strokes, says Eckman. Evinrude’s E-Tec G2 technology eliminates such objections, while retaining key advantages, including a better power-to-weight ratio and more low-end torque than comparable four-strokes.

In addition, the new G2s offer a number of innovative conveniences, including built-in power-assist steering with the components concealed inside the engine housing. Electronic steering input from the helm telling the outboard where to turn. G2 motors also feature electronic throttle and shift. As a result, there are no hydraulic lines or throttle cables. A single rigging tube is all that is required. Eliminating hardware in front the outboard also allows for a higher tilt axis, which permits the lower unit to trim completely out the water when docked to help minimize corrosion. For boaters who want re-power with a G2 but keep their existing Evinrude mechanical throttle and shift controls, an available module converts cable input to electronic signals.

E-Tec G2 outboards
Evinrude added four popular horsepower classes to its E-Tec G2 line of outboards.Jim Hendricks

A belt-less magneto delivers 40 percent more amps than the first generation of Evinrude E-Tec outboards to keep batteries charged and supply more than enough electrical power for pumps and marine electronic accessories, says Eckman. An under-cowl three-gallon oil tank supplies two-stroke lubricant to the oil-injected engine, but you can also equip the new G2 outboard with remote tanks for two-stroke oil.

G2 outboards also offer i-Trim, a selectable feature that can automatically trim the outboard for optimum holeshot, fuel efficiency and speed. You can turn it on or off using the Evinrudde Icon touch-screen display, which takes the place of traditional gauges, or but simply pressing the trim/tilt button on the throttle control lever. This overrides the automatic function in favor of skipper-controlled trimming.

The anti-ventilation plate on the lower unit extends farther aft to improve prop thrust, while “wings” on the clamp bracket help deflect spray. A slight camber on the skeg helps compensate for the effects of prop torque while underway. As with the bigger G2 models, cosmetics of the new outboards can be customized to match your boat colors, thanks to the availability of special panels and accent decals. Hundreds combinations are available.

Evinrude E-Tec G2 outboards carry a 5-year limited warranty for the engine and corrosion. Also with these engines, there’s no scheduled maintenance requires for the first five years 500 hours. For boaters in northern latitudes, the G2s offer an automatic winterization function to further minimize maintenance.