This Month in Fishing


|| |---| || |SPRING FORWARD: Don't miss the action this month. Photo: Ric Burnley| 1 It's April Fool's Day, so be sure to keep an eye on your fishing buddy. But should you get the urge to, say, top off his coffee with a little bunker oil when he's not paying attention, we'll look the other way.

2 Happy Pascua Florida Day...that is, if you live in the Sunshine State. Today in 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon discovered what is now Florida in his search for the Fountain of Youth. So while you enjoy the snook bite around Everglades City or the late-night swordfishing off Miami, say thanks to old Ponce for discovering one of the world's best honey holes.

18 Steve Graulau set the all-tackle world record for kingfish on this day in 1999 with a 93-pound smoker off San Juan, Puerto Rico. Slow-troll a ribbonfish around the legs of a Gulf oil rig, and who knows-maybe the IGFA will put your name in the record book.

23 The Annual Day at The Docks takes place today at Fisherman's Wharf on San Diego Bay. The free, daylong event plays host to tackle vendors, live music and great food. Fishing seminars are scheduled all day, and visitors can tour some of the top sportfishing boats in San Diego.