This Month In Fishing


4 Flag Day is later this month (June 14), and even though we're not really sure how this "holiday" got its start, we'd be glad to celebrate by raising a few release flags during the Treasure Cay Championship, the fourth leg in the 2006 Bahamas Billfish Championship Series. The tournament ends June 9.

10 On this day in 1996, angler Keith Winter broke the all-tackle world record for wahoo with a 158.5-pounder caught off Baja California. The 'hoo bite kicks into high gear this month off Kona, Hawaii, and to get in the record book, you'll need to start trolling at high speeds.

18 It's time to take your dad fishing-today is Father's Day. So when the reel starts screaming with the first bite, go ahead and let the old man have the first crack.

21 School is out and summer's officially here, at last. So start planning that fishing getaway. Want bonefish? Book it to the Bahamas. How about snook? Set your sights on Florida's Ten Thousand Islands. Permit? Pack up and head to Belize.