Keep Rigs Tangle Free


To keep my rigs from tangling, I use a 4" piece of 3/4" diameter PVC pipe. With my table saw, I cut six 1/2" deep slots in the ends of the pipe. These include two cuts at one end at 180 degrees to each other and four cuts at 90 degrees at the other end. For multiple-hook rigs, I place the hooks in the two slots on the four-slot end of the pipe that are perpendicular to the two slots on the other end. Then I wind the line lengthwise around the pipe in the unused slots at each end of the pipe until I reach the end of the rig, at which point the swivel will usually slip into a slot as well. Then I wrap a strip of hook-and-loop fastener around the pipe to hold everything in place and label each pipe so I know which rigs are which at a glance.

- Keith Hayes, Biloxi, Mississippi