It's Showtime

Fishing-show hosts take breaks in the hot seat between takes.


Now and then, parking our butts in the La-Z-Boy for hours and watching fishing-show hosts catch fish after fish is as close as we can get to a fighting chair. So we called a few hosts from some of the most popular fishing shows-Poveromo and Sosin are tops with us, of course-to chat about fish, fame, Muppets.

George Poveromo Host of "George Poveromo's World of Salt Water Fishing"

Blair Wiggins Host of "Addictive Fishing"|

Mark Sosin Host of "Mark Sosin's Salt Water Journal"|

Charlie Moore Host of "Beat Charlie Moore"| |Favorite place to fish?| |The Bahamas|Cape Canaveral, Florida|Biscayne Bay|Martha's Vineyard| |Favorite fish?| |Dolphin offshore and seatrout inshore|Big seatrout|Tarpon|Striped bass| |Favorite lure?| |An all-blue llander slipped over ballyhoo for offshore, and a Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil for inshore|D.O.A. four-inch glow shrimp|I'm not too picky with lures. It's all in the presentation.|Lunker City Fin-S Fish| |Last time you were asked for an autograph?| |Today at the boat ramp|At the ramp the last time I went fishing|A few days ago|About an hour ago, when I was at the grocery store.| |Groupies?| |The difference between a rock star and us is that our groupies are 30- to 60-year-old dudes.|Yeah, we call them Mogan Maniacs on our website.|I'm not sure.|Yeah. I got my mom and my sister. They're everywhere.| |Do you have to wear makeup during the show?| |I've never worn makeup in my life.|No makeup, just fish slime|Not for the show, but I once had to for a special I did on cable with a couple of Muppets.|No way. But I wear pantyhose (laughs).| |Dream catch?| |Spearfish, because that's all I need to have caught every kind of billfish in the world.|Milkfish|Barramundi|Tarpon| |Could you beat Chalie Moore?| |Without a doubt. Give me somebody hard to fish against.|I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem on my turf.|Probably not, and I couldn't care less.|None of them could beat me.|

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