International Alliances Strengthen Billfish Conservation

The Billfish Foundation (TBF) and La Fundacion para la Conservacion de los Picudos (FCP) recently finalized an agreement to work in partnership to advance billfish conservation in Mexico. TBF president Ellen Peel and fishery scientist Russell Nelson met in Cabo San Lucas with FCP represenatives to formalize the conservation alliance prior to the opening of a two-day public meeting on the future of recreational fishing in Mexico. "¿This formal alliance with FCP will increase the profile of sport fishing and the need to maintain healthy billfish stocks in Mexico, said Peel. These efforts have resulted in the second government-mandated seminar on the future of recreational fishing in Mexico, where Peel and Nelson presented the current status of worldwide billfish stocks and recommendations for expanded conservation efforts in Mexico to government officials and private conservation organizations. Efforts similar to those in Mexico are also advancing throughout Central America, where angling clubs, charter fleets and sport-fishing-related businesses recognize the importance of conservation and take a stand to protect the fish stocks on which their businesses are based. For more information, visit