Help Stop "Killer Seaweed"

SWS readers are being asked to help stop Caulerpa taxifolia, the invasive algae that dominates any marine ecosystem to which it is introduced. Capable of growing an inch a day, the algae has been reported to survive up to ten days out of the water, making it easy to transport inadvertantly on boating equipment (props, trim tabs and anchors) and fishing gear. It has been found in relatively isolated patches in Huntington Harbor and Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, California. If you see this seaweed, remove it, bag it and report to the following authorities: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), (562) 980-4043; e-mail; California Department of Fish & Game, (858) 467-4218; e-mail For more information, visit the NMFS Anglers web site at