Hassle-Free Spoon-and-Leader Storage


Being able to adapt quickly will always put more fish in the box. Keeping spoon-and-leader combos tangle-free has always been a challenge aboard my small center console, but I have found plastic reels to be a handy solution. When Spanish mackerel appear and unexpectedly churn the ocean's surface into a froth, it is an easy matter for the crew to break out the Clark Spoons. Within minutes we can change from live-baiting king mackerel to trolling for Spanish. It takes some planning to unravel the spoons without creating a horrid mess, and I've found the following method foolproof. Number each of the four holes in the reel with a waterproof marker. Anchor the hook of a spoon through hole number four, wrap the leader around the reel and tuck the looped end through the same hole. This procedure is followed in descending sequence with the Number One hole being the last to receive the spoon and leader. When you're ready for the quick change, start with Number One and unwrap as many spoons as you need in numerical order.

-Tom Ogle, Beaufort, South Carolina