Best of Gulf Fishing: Fun Off the Water

What to do on the Gulf coast on those rare occasions when you're not fishing.

new orleans

new orleans

Zach Stovall

Although one of our experts seemed baffled by the idea of doing something for fun that didn't involve fishing, millions of people venture to the Gulf coast every year for all kinds of revelry. And on those rare days when they’re not on the water, our editors have found ways to entertain themselves — most of which seem to involve the Big Easy — that they've happily shared for our Best of Gulf Fishing series.

CHRIS WOODWARD, Editor, Sport Fishing: When I travel somewhere to fish, that's my focus, but if I were looking for off-water pursuits, I'd make a trip to Louisiana and fish one of a variety of locations, such as Bourgeois Charters in Barataria, near New Orleans — a city that truly speaks for itself with regard to entertainment.

DAVE FERRELL, Editor, Marlin: If you've got a lot of kids like I do, Fort Walton Beach hosts an enormous amount of activities, including water parks, dune buggy rides, mini golf courses and shopping centers. It's definitely one-stop shopping for fun!

JOHN FRAZIER, Editor, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters: I hang out in New Orleans. I soak in the culture and eat until I can barely walk — and I love every minute of it. If you're into people watching, Bourbon Street late at night is where it's at.

MIKE MAZUR, Senior Editor, Sport Fishing: Hiking and bird watching is something I enjoy when not fishing and there's lots of great spots all around the Gulf coast. The Fort Myers/Sanibel Island area in southwest Florida is a pretty tough place to beat for that — plus the fishing is good!