Best of Gulf Fishing: Good Eating

Our experts share some of their favorite Gulf coast restaurants.



Access to outstanding fishing isn't the only reason for a trip to the Gulf — it’s hard to beat a meal of freshly caught seafood, and the fishing towns along the Gulf coast turn out some of the tastiest seafood you’ll ever savor. Our experts agree that having the cooks at your lodge turn the day’s catch into the night’s meal is a good bet, but for our Best of Gulf Fishing series they also shared a few favorite spots to grab a bite.

DAVE FERRELL, Editor, Marlin: One of my favorite spots is the Grand Marlin restaurant in Pensacola Beach, Florida. As a fine dining restaurant that specializes in seafood and great steaks, it's one of the few places that does both meat and seafood on an excellent level. Besides, they have one of my stories from Marlin magazine on the wall!

GLENN LAW, Senior Editor, Saltwater Sportsman: Half Shell Raw Bar in Key West offers incredible fresh variety and an original atmosphere — not to mention great food.

JOHN FRAZIER, Editor, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters: I'd have to say that the accommodations at the Salt Grass in Venice, Louisiana, were awesome, but the food they prepared every morning and evening may have been even better — fresh oysters followed by redfish on the half-shell with tons of butter, garlic and lemon is hard to beat.

MIKE MAZUR, Senior Editor, Sport Fishing: I still remember the food I had during a stay in Venice several years back at The Redfish Lodge of Louisiana, owned by Capt. Mike Frenette. Unbelievable food all the way around, but especially the jambalaya with redfish on the half-shell — wow, was that good!